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We offer an online discount for our loyal customers. While you shop on line with no hassle and long lines, you can shop with confidence at your leisure and convenience.

Discounts are offered on all items, and all categories except sale items and orders under $39.95.

Discounts are only honored when purchased or ordered on line.


(D5) $5 for $39.95 To $95.94 for product only.

(D10) $10 for $95.95 or more for product only.

Please enter this promotion code with your order, it will be applied when your card is charged. .

We only use local qualified members through our florist network. You will receive the loyalty of a florist working with a local florist to keep our industry fresh and alive right to your front door.

Your order will not be shipped to you in a brown box or from another country, but will be delivered fresh and alive by local florists.

Your order will be designed by a qualified designer that has been trained and educated by your local florist school or family owned business or by the high styles of specialized floral companies.

Same day deliveries will be hand delivered by a professional qualified local driver with special containers to keep your floral arrangements in their best condition to your front door. Drivers are trained to make prompt deliveries and only deliver floral gift items with a courteous smile.